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Now why would we start off this lifehack with a thank you in Swedish? Well, today we're going to be talking about our favorite furniture concept store - IKEA. In case you were wondering, this post is not about 10 cents meatballs (after the horsemeat scandal).

Lifehacksg#13 recommends for you to check out the "As-Is" section at IKEA if you're looking for some bargain hunting. We're talking about actual IKEA products at greatly reduced prices. Now how does this work?

The "As-Is" section sells goods and furniture, well, as-it-is. These could be furniture belonging to any of the following categories:

1. Display sets
2. Returned goods
3. Goods with scratches/dents
4. Markdowns
5. Discontinued Items

Definitely check out this section if you're looking for something functional. Furniture sold at this section could go for more than 50% off the original price tag. Sure, you'll get extra portions of scratches, stains etc... but if you get creative I am pretty sure you'll be able to fix it with some lacquer/stain removal. On lifehacksg's last visit to this section (IKEA@Alexandra), we found some good desk chairs, coffee tables, new sofa covers and a chipped mirror that somehow screams chic vintage :)

Sometimes, there's nothing worth taking home; but sometimes, there totally is! The section is updated from time-to-time and hence if you don't fancy/are disappointed in what you find the first time round, do check back a month later to see if there are any good bargains on offer.

Tip: If you plan to check out the "As-Is" section, it is highly recommended that you do not get distracted by the beautiful flawless IKEA furniture layouts beforehand. In fact, it is advisable to walk straight to the "As-Is" section to look for bargains. 

Contributor: Yong Yi Sung

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