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[Savings type- $$; One-off - $30]

Airport to the city! This is probably a pretty cheap-o lifehack but hey, if you're a traveler on a budget or if you've just burnt a hole in your pocket somehow, this may be good information for you.

When the MRT is running, getting from the airport to the city is pretty affordable and fast. We're looking at an ~$2 train ride. However, relative to other major cities the Singapore train network shuts down pretty early. When that happens, your only choice of getting from the airport to the city will be a taxi.

Past midnight, an average ride from the airport to the city will set you back ~$30.

Lifehacksg#6 reveals that there is a form of transportation which gets you from the airport to the city (Marina Bay Sands to be exact) at zero cost. MBS provides free shuttle buses all day long to ferry their guests from the airport. However, literally every person that travels with a baggage/suitcase of some sort is considered a guest. By that, I simply mean that they shuttle bus drivers do not check if you actually have a reservation at the hotel. Just ask "Marina Bay Sands?", and board the bus. You'll be in the city in less than 20mins.

From 10pm-6am, the shuttle bus leaves (at one hour intervals) from the Coach pick-up Bay at Terminals 1,2 and 3. At the time of writing, the Budget Terminal is still under renovation.

Now if you need to get to somewhere else, at least you are now a whole lot closer to wherever that is in the city centre once you get to MBS.

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