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[Savings type - $$; Percentage - up to 4 times cheaper]

ah... I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like a great meal of fresh salmon sashimi. Yes, this plate of orange splendour right here:

The unfortunate thing is that aside from indulging in an all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet (which will set you back a good $30-50), alarcarte options at restaurants are pretty pricey for just a few slices of fresh salmon sashimi. Let's use Sushi Tei as a quick benchmark - the restaurant serves a small plate for $8. At 5 slices a plate - we're looking at $1.60 per slice.

Lifehacksg#3 recommends this - Fassler Singapore. Sure, it is pretty far out in the bonnies, but for what I am about to show you, I think the trip is totally worth it. A large packet of freshly-cut salmon sashimi (1/2kg) will cost you $18. To provide a sense of scale, laying out the large packet translates to this:

As usual, let us breakdown the numbers for you. Assuming there are about 40 slices in the large packet, at $18/packet, we have a cost/slice of $0.45. This is approximately 4 times cheaper than having it at a Sushi Tei restaurant outlet; plus, you can literally have as many slices as you wish. 

Besides salmon sashimi, Fassler is really a golden find for many other types of seafood. Atlantic cod, scallops, unagi, tuna etc... Trust me, the trip down there is really worth it. Just note that they only accept cash, so you have your wallet ready!

While you're there, don't forget Lifehacksg :)

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